Body Lotion Vs. Body Cream: What's The Real Difference?
If you feel overwhelmed by all the products that claim to be “moisturizing,” you’re not alone. When dealing with your skin, you want to know exactly what you’re using, so it’s essential to know the difference between body lotions and body creams so you’re applying a product that your skin needs.
Body creams are ultra-hydrating and contain a higher percentage of oil than lotions do, and because creams contain heavier oils, they add more moisture to your skin. Body creams are thicker and take longer to absorb into your skin, so they come in handy during the drier and colder seasons.
Body lotions are thinner in consistency and quickly absorb into the skin, so they are ideal for people who are more oily. Lotions are typically used in the humid months, and they don’t leave a greasy residue like body creams.