Close up of a woman wearing a black bikini showing off her bikini wax
Brazilian Vs. Bikini Wax: The Difference Between The Spa Treatments
The Key Differences
A bikini wax removes only what is necessary for a moderate-coverage bikini bottom. A Brazilian wax treatment removes the hair all around the public bone, the upper thighs, the vulva, and the perineum.
Which One Is Right?
A bikini wax is a great option for those who wear bathing suits with more coverage and beginners who are unsure of their pain tolerance. Those who wear cheekier bikini bottoms should opt for the Brazilian wax.
What Hair Length?
The ideal length for waxing is between one-quarter of an inch and three-quarters of an inch to ensure that the hair is long enough for the wax to grab onto. You can trim between appointments, but make sure you stop shaving around a week before your wax.
How To Prep
Shower before your appointment, taking care to rinse well down there and exfoliate properly. Waxing professions also always warn against wearing lotion on the parts of your body you want to have waxed as wax sticks better to dry skin.
Picking The Place
When looking for a place to get waxed check their online reviews; the more details the better. You can also ask around your friend group for suggestions as word of mouth is the most reliable source.