Breaking Down 2023’s Most Popular Hair Color Trends
Gemini Hair
The style of bold contrasting hair colors, usually consisting of two shades, has been dubbed Gemini Hair, and some recent combinations hairstylist Quai Querisma has seen are orchid with teal, and baby pink with jet black. We recommend going to the salon to achieve this look, as it usually requires bleaching.
Targaryen Blonde
Any fan of “House of the Dragon” or “GOT” knows that members of House Targaryen have icy blonde locks, and the trend is taking over 2023. The platinum blonde shade is easier to achieve on those who are naturally blonde, but a good hairstylist can do it on other colors as well — it just might take a couple of sessions.
Cowgirl Copper
“Inspired by the super-rich, caramel hues of Western leather, Cowgirl Copper is tipped to be the most in-demand hair color trend of 2023,” says hairstylist Tom Smith. He adds that since this version of copper hair is less intense and more wearable, it is a great “color for those scared of intense orange tones.”
Highlighted Curls
Hairstylist George Papanikolas says “Highlighted curls come with the fear of damaging the delicate strands and losing the curl pattern.” To avoid this he recommends that “when hand-painting highlights, keep the placement simple: choose the curls you want to pop and just paint them as you want to see them.”
A hair color that will be popular amongst brunettes is eggplant which is a more toned-down purple that looks incredibly vibrant in the sun. According to hair colorist Shvonne Perkins, “You’ll want to ask for a deep violet, amethyst overtone as a demi- or semi-permanent gloss or glaze over dark brown hair.