Can CBD Really Help Prevent
Hair Loss?
CBD, cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring chemical found in marijuana, and it’s known for being a miraculous pain reliever. It seems like CBD is the solution for everything, and since many people struggle with hair loss, they wonder if the miracle cure will work for that too.
CBD aids in reducing inflammation, and Dr. Michelle Henry says, “The actual active [ingredient] ... can help psoriasis and eczema.” Henry adds “I have not seen any studies about [CBD oil] directly stimulating hair growth,” but she says having a healthy scalp promotes healthier hair overall, so it seems like it’s worth trying out.
It’s totally normal if you want to find a solution to hair loss, and it’s unlikely that CBD will cause you any harm. Dr. Jeannette Graf says, “CBD strengthens the proteins in your hair, which improves its overall appearance — and protects strands from breakage in the future,” so if you have high hopes for CBD, go for it.