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Can Taking Biotin Supplements Break Your
Skin Out?
Biotin is naturally found in eggs, almonds, and legumes, but it’s also a supplement that helps grow and strengthen your hair and nails, while also improving your skin. However, some people claim that biotin makes them break out, so these are some of the disadvantages you should know about.
Biotin can do wonders for your skin, such as hydration, smoothness, and overall enhancing your skin’s appearance. There is no evidence that biotin is the cause of acne; however, biotin supplements can block the absorption of other nutrients, so if you’re taking too much vitamin B7, this can block vitamin B5, which is responsible for preventing acne.
If you get breakouts from biotin, Stryx recommends taking a multivitamin instead so you still get some vitamin B7 without overdoing it. The recommended biotin dosage for adults and teens is 30 to 100 micrograms a day, and if you have a known biotin deficiency, speak with your doctor to figure out which dosage is right for you.