Can The Way You Sleep Really Cause Wrinkles?
“Beauty sleep” is real, because no cosmetic or skin routine can replace a good night’s sleep. After waking up, you might notice puffiness and vertical creases and dents splayed across your face, and while it only takes a few minutes for sleep lines to fade, it’s best to prevent sleep lines to minimize the formation of wrinkles during sleep.
Your sleep posture is the cause of sleep lines, so if you sleep on your side or stomach with your face pressed up against the pillow, you’re bound to get facial distortion, the formation of creases, and noticeable signs of aging. Not only can you get wrinkles sleeping in this position, but you can get clogged pores and acne, so protect your skin by sleeping on your back.
While the optimal sleeping position is on your back, you can also switch up sleeping positions to protect your skin from aging faster. Furthermore, making an effort to clean your pillowcases and sheets regularly, investing in a silk or satin pillowcase, and keeping your hair away from your face so your skin doesn’t soak your hair’s oils and germs can all aid in preserving ageless skin.