Can You Really Manifest The Skin Of Your Dreams?
Although a skincare routine might aid in skin clearing, it might be time to reorient your attention and dig deeper into manifesting your way to clear skin. While it may seem a little impractical to claim that using the "Law of Attraction" and repeating positive affirmations is how to get a flawless complexion, the skin and mind are actually more intertwined than you may realize.
Your skin and your mind are linked, so when you’re dealing with stress, your skin often tends to mirror it, causing you to break out in rashes or acne. Meditating can help reduce stress which can improve your skin, and the use of regular positive affirmations increases brain activity, leading to healthier choices such as sticking to a skincare regime and sleep schedule.
Begin your journey by jotting down your skin concerns and goals, then come up with a list of positive affirmations such as "I have beautiful and clear skin." Then, say these affirmations in front of a mirror daily as you go through your skincare routine, and last, show gratitude to yourself, because you are more than your skin.