a woman scratching her scalp
Can You Really Use Vaseline To Soothe An Itchy Scalp?
A 2015 study in the American Family Physician Journal indicated that Vaseline can heal an infant's dry scalp, but it didn't address its ability to treat adolescents and adults.
Often used to soothe dry, cracked skin on the lips and other sensitive areas, Vaseline massaged on the scalp in small amounts can alleviate itchiness — just don't use too much.
That said, a small amount of Vaseline may help combat flakiness if it is massaged gently onto the scalp before rinsing the area with shampoo.
It's worth noting that Vaseline is not a guaranteed replacement for targeted skin care products. If used with complete abandon, it could actually worsen certain skin conditions.
If you're wary of using Vaseline on your scalp, try using a clarifying shampoo with no chemicals, which will help keep the area clean without excessively drying out your hair.