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Can You Recover A Relationship After Getting 'The Ick'?
What is ‘The Ick?’
When you are suddenly and completely grossed out by something a partner does or says, so much that it’s all you can think about and possibly go so far as to be repulsed by your partner, that’s when you have the ick. The most important thing is that the ick is about you and it’s up to you to take apart the situation to get things back on track.
It’s Fear
Whether it’s someone we’ve recently started dating or someone we’ve been with for a long time, sometimes things get so comfortable so easily that it’s natural to experience feelings of fear. Love can be scary, confusing, and all-consuming, so sometimes this fear manifests itself as the ick.
Your Defense Mechanism
The ick can also be our defensive mechanism kicking into high gear, especially if we’ve been burned before, and our brain is being forced to question what’s going on. The defense mechanism can take hold so strongly that things like affection or even a partner constantly being present can result in the ick.