Blonde woman with a perm
Can You Safely Perm Color-Treated Hair? Here's What To Know
While it’s possible to perm color-treated hair, it’s not the best idea since both processes weaken hair through the use of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and other heavy chemicals.
Avoid attempting a DIY perm on color-treated hair, which will cause severe damage. Softer perm solutions are available for color-treated hair, but they’re pricey and hard to find.
To potentially minimize damage, perm your hair first and see how it reacts to chemicals. If it’s in good condition, wait no less than two weeks before proceeding to color it.
If your hair is not in good condition, wait until it’s healthy before getting any treatments, and avoid getting a perm and color service simultaneously to prevent excessive damage.
The healthiest option is to get a perm and then use clip-in curly hair extensions with highlights for bright, full hair without causing any damage.