Can You Use Micellar Water As Dry Shampoo?
Dry shampoo seems like a live-saver on no-wash days, but there are some downsides because most dry shampoos contain high levels of benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. A possible alternative to this product is micellar water because it helps lift oil and debris off the skin, so it may have the same effect on your scalp.
Instagram user bondenavant uses micellar water on a cotton pad and dabs it around her hairline and where she parts her hair for fresh post-workout hair. Micellar water attracts dirt and oil, so when applied to the scalp, micellar water works to freshen up your hair.
If you want something stronger to tackle greasy hair, micellar shampoo is a better choice and can be used every day. You can also use micellar water as a three-step double cleansing routine; first, douse your hair in it and then follow up with two rounds of shampoo to have clean, shiny hair.