Can You Wear Red To A Wedding?
Everyone knows wearing white is forbidden at a wedding, so opt for a more minimalistic outfit, since you don’t want to outshine the bride. Red might seem like a good color to wear since it doesn’t go against any wedding rules, but there may be some mixed reactions to a red outfit.
Your best bet is to see what the dress code is and go from there, but more often than not, red is a very bold color that attracts attention, so you may be perceived as an attention-seeking guest. Additionally, many couples in Asian cultures wear a striking red, so in that case, steer clear of it.
The founder of bridal label LEIN, Meredith Stoeklein, actually advocates for red since the color symbolizes love and passion, but it should be a muted shade, as you don’t want to appear flashy. Always be aware of the dress code, and if you do pick red, go for a darker shade or pair it with a fashion item of a different color, as the outfit will be less distracting.