A crab symbolizing cancer the astrological sign
Cancer: Your Ultimate Guide To The Zodiac Sign
The Crab
With their sensitive nature and fear of vulnerability, it makes sense that Cancer is symbolized by the crab. Cancers hide grief and their best selves behind a hard outer shell, and they don’t hesitate using their claws to lash out at those who try to harm their loved ones or disrupt their sanctuary.
Water Sign
As a water cardinal sign, cancers are focused on self-awareness and exploration of one’s emotions rather than dominating others. Cancers seem to have a sense of what another person is really thinking or seeing, and these water signs have pure hearts that make them too sentimental for their own good.
Nurturing Moon
In astrology, the moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer, which is associated with feminine energy, nurturing relationships, and gut reactions or feelings. The moon is also a spiritual expression of the deepest self and imagination, which often correlates to Cancer's affinity for making music, art, and other creative works.
Fourth House
The fourth house, also referred to as the house of home and ruled by the sign of Cancer, is connected to a person's ancestry and the foundation of family. This house indicates the type of home life a person may seek to build for themselves as an adult, and it also deals with the personal relationships that can make places feel safe and like a home.
Maternal & Protective
Cancers go to the ends of the earth for those they love, and although they don’t like to directly engage in conflict, they aren’t afraid to put up a fight now and then. Cancers can be a little controlling and overprotective at times, but it’s because they want the best for their family and friends.