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Catching A Liar Just Got A Lot Easier
The truth will always reveal itself, but being able to identify a lie when you hear it could save you time and pain. Luckily, there’s an easy way to tell if someone is lying.
Just pay attention to the specifics of what someone is saying to you. Typically, people who are telling the truth will be able to provide authentic detail, while liars won't.
Gifted liars can sound like they're telling the truth, but they can't give details they don't actually know. They’ll often avoid making up details so they don’t blow their cover.
If you suspect someone is lying to you and they haven’t given much detail, subtly ask them more questions. If they are lying, it will be much harder to give you straight answers.
However, someone who is determined to lie may actually give excessive detail in order to win over the person they are deceiving as well as themselves.
When you're looking for detail, pay attention to the quality. If they seem to be selling a story rather than just relaying what happened, they could still be lying.