Latin young woman putting on makeup in front of the mirror
Change Up Your Makeup Look Just By Switching Your Blush Shape - Here's How
Blush placement does wonders to change your face. When applied to the apples of your cheeks, it adds a healthy flush, or use some to your cheekbones to sculpt them.
Lately, makeup lovers have placed blush underneath the eyes to banish dark circles. The pink or peach tones counteract dark hues, creating a brighter undereye look.
Blush placement can make your face shape appear different. Bella Hadid applies it to the cheekbones of her round face to get an elongated look.
Narrow faces needing fullness should apple blush in an O shape right on the apples of the cheeks. Apply a cream blush where your cheeks are fullest, then blend.
TikTok beauty maven @Brighterdarling makes a W shape across her face for a flushed, sunburn-kissed look using a cream blush in a rosy pink hue.
Wearing blush in a C shape is another way to get a pretty, halo-like effect. Apply blush from underneath your browbone, making a half circle towards your cheeks.