Channel Your Inner Trendsetter With The Nail Colors Set To Rule 2023
Pink Glitter
Pink is trendy every year during the spring and summer seasons, but for 2023, this popular color will be accompanied by shimmer and glitter. Celebrity nail artist, Holly Falcone, told Who What Wear that “There's a big influence of Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, and other very feminine, nostalgic anime characters.”
Vampy Red
Red is a color that you can’t go wrong with because it’s always very popular and has been for decades. For the new year, you should consider going for a sultry, darker shade of red with purple undertones to give a moodier vibe.
Metallic Mauve
Mauve is a shade of bluish-purple that sits somewhere between violet and pink. Experts are predicting that mauve metallic or chrome nails will be big in the upcoming season with manicurist and LeChat nails educator, Hemi Park, telling PopSugar “It won't be a surprise to see chrome or metallic nails all over.”
Shades of Blue
Blue in all its shades will be very popular in 2023, so you’re sure to find a variation that you will like. Celebrity nail artist, Jin Soon Choi, told The Zoe Report, “I see blues in 2023 [...] which may have been influenced by the return of the washed-out denim fashion.”
Moss Green
An uncommon and unlikely color that is set to make a statement in 2023 is moss green. According to celebrity manicurist Elle Gerstein, you should try “grounded colors in moss green” (via Ipsy), a color that is both: bold and neutral.