Delicately jeweled nail charms
Charm Nails: The Maximalist Manicure Trend Your Nails Needed
Make a statement with floral nail charms instead of the classic flower designs made with nail polish, or embellish your traditional floral nail art with dainty nail charms.
Bold And Busy
This isn't a look for the understated. Take it to the extreme by wearing the largest and most sparkly, unapologetically loud nail charms you can fit on each nail.
Flaunt Variety
You don't have to wear the same charms or color range and theme on every nail. Give a chaotic energy with everything from Hello Kitty charms to oversized crosses.
Pink charms, bow designs, pearl-inspired details, and other playful options will perfectly suit your hyper-feminine, coquette-type style if you're a girly girl.
Use nail charms inspired by skulls, spikes, and cobwebs to express rock-and-roll or edgy styles or to go darker than the girly manicure look.