Females couple with relationship difficulties.
Cheating May Reignite A Spark In Your Relationship, But At What Cost?
It Creates Healthy Jealousy
When one believes they may lose their partner to someone else, jealousy can make them act out and do things they normally wouldn’t. Seeing one’s partner be desired by others can up their game and tactics in maintaining their relationship.
It’s An Act Of Betrayal
You and your partner should be able to trust each other to make the right choice, no matter the situation. Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean a relationship is over, but once trust is broken, it's going to take a lot of effort to fix it.
You'll Realize What You Have
No matter how much you love and cherish your partner, being with them all the time makes it easy to forget how lucky you are. When faced with losing our partner, we stop taking them for granted and try harder to make the relationship work.
It Destroys Relationships
Even if you and your partner decide to stay together, the relationship will be forever changed by a lack of trust, endless questioning of honesty, and lots of resentment. If your relationship can't withstand cheating, it will simply come to an end.
What To Do Instead
At the end of the day, using cheating as a way to reignite passion is too big of a risk; instead, try scheduling date nights to bring some novelty to your relationship. Talk honestly with your partner to see if you can find a solution together, or if you need to try couples’ therapy.