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Chic Ways To Wear Black Nail Polish
Classic Shiny Black
Black was once worn when someone wanted an edgy or gothic look, but recently it has become classic neutral in the same vein as nude or pale pink. Classic, shiny black polish works with any style and for any occasion.
Matte Black
If you want to give your black manicure a sleek update, try applying a matte topcoat. Nail artist Marian Newman says, “This trend is perfect for winter because it works nicely with deeper tones and dark, rich colors.”
Chrome Black
Chrome nails and its mirror effect gained popularity in 2022, and the nail trend is still going strong in 2023. You can create the chrome effect with any color polish, but black chrome nails just hit differently for a sexy and sultry vibe.
Gradient Black
If you love the look of a dark manicure but aren’t ready to commit, consider an ombré finish. Nail artist Elle Gerstein says, “If you want a look that's more creative and less harsh than a solid black, opt for ombré black nails.”
Inverted Matte French
Take your black mani to the next level with this inverted French manicure. The gold glitter polish lining the half-moon of the nail perfectly contrasts with the matte finish and would be stunning for an elegant evening or a special occasion.