a woman wearing red lipstick
Clothing Colors You Should Avoid Pairing With A Classic Red Lip
When pairing red lipstick with your clothes, don't distract from (or even ruin) your look by wearing clothing that doesn't work. Neutral hues are likely your best bet.
If you want to exude holiday cheer, pairing a red lip with a green outfit is the way to go, but if that's not your intention, don't wear green with a red lip at any other time.
If you want to ditch neutrals, wear blue clothing with red lipstick for a more high-contrast look via a color-blocking effect. Red and blue are primary hues and balance nicely.
If you want to match your red lipstick with red clothing, ensure that the two reds are the same shade, or the overall look can appear sloppy and mismatched.
If your red clothes don't match your red lipstick, reach for a pink or orange garment, which will complement and accentuate the red lips.