Young woman with red hair
Cowboy Copper Is The Hair Color Trend Of 2023
Color theory expert Julie Klein explains to Behind The Chair that cowboy copper hair is "a blend between a warm brown and a copper." It's set to be one of the biggest hair trends.
True Cowboy Copper
Unlike true copper, cowboy copper includes a brown shade that adds more warmth to the hair and dilutes some of the bright red hues in the color.
Brunette Copper
This hair trend is the perfect alternative for those with dark brown or black hair who are looking to keep their darker locks with an added copper tint.
To tone down copper tints, add a few lowlights. This will add darker hues in sections of the hair to give you a soft contrast between the two colors.
Red Tint
For an extra punch of color, add more copper tint to your hair to bring out the red and orange tones. This bright color reflects more copper than brown tints.
Highlights can add dimension and contrast to your hair. The lighter strands will brighten up your hair and make it seem more delicate than typical cowboy copper.