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Crystals That Will Help You Manifest The Life You Want
Choosing the right crystal for you depends on what you want to attract into your life. Shamanic energy medicine practitioner Colleen McCann says, “Crystals are structured in such a way that they respond to the inputs of all different energies around them,” so if you’re looking to manifest your dreams, these are the crystals for you!
Black Obsidian
Black obsidian is a volcanic glass that releases some of the darker or heavier energy from your energy field. The volcanic glass is reflective, which makes you reflective, so all the hidden parts of yourself that may have gone unacknowledged are now flowing to the surface, and you may find clarity around certain aspects of your life.
Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a very popular crystal used in manifestation because it carries the energy for increasing and attracting love, beauty, health, good fortune, and joy. It’s best to wear this crystal close to your heart as it will attract more positivity in your life, give you courage, self-love, and a deep connection with the universe’s energy.
Citrine is known to attract abundance, prosperity, and positivity to those who wear it, and crystal expert Krishika Bhatia says, “Citrine helps balance your perfectionist inclination by boosting confidence.” Energy healer Heather Askinosie says citrine will “help you bring financial goals to life.”
Selenite has powerful healing and cleansing abilities, and not only will it clear your blocked energy, but it will also cleanse other crystals. Astrologer Anjie Best says selenite “promotes tranquility. It’s also good for that calmness and stillness that's needed in order to reach higher states of meditation.”
Moldavite is often thought to have a cosmic connection and a tendency to shake things up, since it’s known to bring major life changes. This crystal is very powerful and can aid in spiritual transformation, but be careful when you channel its power, because it will go rogue if you don’t give it any direction or purpose.