Do Buzzy Hydration Multipliers Do What They Claim?
Hydration Multipliers
The body relies on water to function, so, if you’re dehydrated, it lowers the body’s electrolytes, which are critical minerals, leading to a host of problems. Fortunately, hydration multipliers seem to be effective and safe at reversing dehydration, but with some caveats.
How They Work
Hydration multipliers are generally little packets filled with a powder that contains electrolytes and vitamins, which you then add to water. When mixed with water, the sodium and glucose work with the water to get your body hydrated.
Athletes are strongly encouraged to drink more water than the average person, because when an athlete is dehydrated, it can result in muscle cramps, performance issues, and more. Since athletes burn through water at an intense rate, they are ideally suited to try hydration multipliers.
Who Should Use Them?
Those who suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, or both are likely to be dehydrated and can use hydration multipliers to get back on track. People who are out in the heat, especially in a humid climate, for an extended amount of time can also benefit from this product, as well as people with hangovers.
Who Shouldn’t Use It?
Diabetic people should avoid hydration multipliers due to the significant amount of sugar in each packet, while those with high blood pressure should avoid it for its high sodium content. Too many electrolytes can also be a bad thing, since overhydration causes cramps, mental confusion, and dizziness.
Do You Need It?
The color of your urine will tell you how hydrated you are — if your urine is dark in color, it is a signal of dehydration, whereas a clear and light yellow color means you’re hydrated. Anytime you think you might be dehydrated, avoid beverages like soda, alcohol, juices, and energy drinks.