Beautiful woman applying under eye patches
Do Wrinkle Patches Actually Work?
From YouTube to TikTok, beauty influencers are showing themselves sticking wrinkle patches on their faces and necks overnight for smoother and bouncier skin. Do these popular patches, which may be applied everywhere from your forehead to the area surrounding your mouth, genuinely work?
Wrinkle patches include ingredients that contribute to anti-aging effects, such as moisturizing hyaluronic acid, ginseng, retinol, and skin-brightening vitamin C. They block outside air from entering the skin, prevent repetitive facial movements, and lend a plumping effect in the areas where the patches are applied.
However, compared to injectables like Botox, wrinkle patches only offer temporary, limited results. These patches are an anti-aging preventative measure since they instruct your skin to stay put and build collagen, but you must wear them constantly to maintain effects.