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Do You Really Need A Nail Hardener?
1. How Does It Work?
Nail hardeners strengthen and protect the visible part of the nail from splitting and breaking. There are two types of nail hardeners: cross linking and reinforcing.
Cross linking hardeners react with the protein chains in your nails to make them healthier. Reinforcing hardeners add a layer on top of your nail’s surface to make them sturdier.
2. Are Nail Hardeners Necessary?
Nail hardeners are not necessary for maintaining overall nail health unless there are existing nail health issues. Instead, focus on natural practices like keeping nails clean.
Keep your nails trimmed and avoid picking at cuticles. Maintain a well-rounded diet rich in nutrients like biotin, protein, and iron to support strong and healthy nails.
3. Nail Hardener For Underlying Conditions
Weak nails can be caused by various factors, including anemia and medical conditions like Raynaud's syndrome. Using nail hardeners can help restore their strength and shape.
Consulting a healthcare professional is advised to address underlying conditions, while nail hardeners can be a supportive measure along with other treatments or dietary changes.
4. After Salon Treatments
Extended salon treatments can weaken nails, necessitating the use of a nail hardener. The removal of gel and acrylic manicures involves acetone, resulting in thin, fragile nails.
After removing these nails, you may notice your nails are more prone to breakage. This is where nail hardeners come into play, as they’ll restore strength to your nail.