Portrait of a sporty young woman looking serious while out for a run
Do You Really Need To Wash Your Hair After Every Sweaty Workout?
When you get all sweaty after a workout, it’s natural to want to hop in the shower and wash your hair. You should keep track of how often you’re washing your hair and if you have only sweat in your hair, you’re probably wondering if you absolutely need to wash it.
There is a difference between sweaty hair and oily hair because sweat is just water mixed with salt and will dry up, but oily hair will remain until washed. You don’t necessarily have to shampoo every time you sweat and Celebrity stylist Lacy Redway states that rinsing alone is sufficient for sweaty hair.
While it’s not necessary to shampoo your hair after sweating, there are ways to minimize the amount of sweat that actually reaches your strands and scalp. You can wear a sweatband, use a towel to wipe your face and hairline, and tie your hair in a bun or ponytail so your hair doesn’t touch your skin while you sweat.