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Does K18 Work On Curly And Textured Hair?
If you have beautiful, naturally curly hair, you know how easily it can be damaged by heating or coloring, and are likely after a product that’ll protect your locks at all costs. Meet K18, a hair mask that has become much-loved by salons and is known for its magical ability to repair seriously damaged hair.
According to the K18 Hair website, the mask is perfect for those with curly or textured hair and can be used on both hair types, and there are plenty of customer reviews to back this claim up. One Amazon reviewer notes that K18 works great for textured hair, though it might not be the most moisturizing product around.
The product works by repairing “broken keratin chains” (via K18 Hair), which will help your hair to appear stronger and smoother, restoring your curls to their best condition. All you have to do is apply the mask to clean, damp hair, wait a short while for it to work its magic, and then you’re ready to start turning heads with your lucious curls!