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Does Olaplex Help With Hair Growth & Loss? Here's The Deal
Olaplex has become a hit among individuals who have brittle or bleached hair. However, the products are expensive, so it's worth researching them before making a purchase blindly.
Olaplex has a wide range of products, including serums, heat protectants, shampoos, conditioners, and masks, but they’re primarily used to stop damage in its tracks.
These products will not help with hair loss and regrowth, especially if your thinning hair is the result of female-pattern hair loss, stress, or poor diet.
If your primary concern is hair loss and thinning from the root, consult a doctor to determine the exact cause and find a more precise plan of action to regrow your hair.
If you have dry, frizzy, damaged, dull, or coarse hair, Olaplex products are worth considering. And the brand’s website has a quiz that will give you personalized recommendations.
Olaplex products contain a unique compound that strengthens the hair from within the shaft and will work best on those looking to repair damage and prevent breakage.