Does Reverse Hair Washing Really Do Anything?
One of the newest breakthrough beauty trends is reverse hair washing which promises fantastic results. This trend is so popular that #reversehairwashing currently has over 100,000 views on TikTok, but like most trends, people are skeptical if it’s worth trying out.
Reverse hair washing is using your conditioner before shampoo, and dermatologist Audrey Kunin says, “It helps deeply condition hair without weighing it down.” Those who shampoo after conditioner say it prevents your hair from getting weighed down, and the shampoo removes some of the greasiness of your conditioner from your scalp.
Cosmic chemist Tonya Lane says, “Finer hair textures can benefit from the lack of buildup by reverse washing since technically there will be less product on the hair,” before adding, “This technique can lead to dry and damaged hair if a conditioning product is not applied afterwards.” To avoid this, condition only the length and ends of your hair after shampooing so your scalp doesn’t get oily.