Does Taking Multivitamins Every Day Actually Do Anything?
If you find yourself popping multivitamins every day, you’re not alone, as Americans spent nearly 50 billion dollars in 2021 buying multivitamins and dietary supplements. The vitamin and supplement world is full of questions, but the biggest question remains — do they actually work?
Recent research concludes that multivitamins do not always reduce the risk of disease, and it is likely due to their low absorption rate. In fact, scientists found that the average multivitamin capsule or tablet has an absorption rate of less than 10 percent.
Because pills have little to no bodily integration, scientists encourage people to take their vitamins in liquid or even powder forms, as these have a much faster absorption rate. Ultimately, the truth is that there is no magic pill, and you can get more vitamins from your local produce aisle.