studio portrait of a tattoo artist on a yellow background
Don’t Ignore These 6 Red Flags When Getting A Tattoo
It’s critical that the tattoo experience is overwhelmingly positive and 100% safe, otherwise you might end up with a lifelong reminder of a very unfortunate event. Tattoo removal procedures can cost hundreds of dollars, so be discerning about your tattoo parlor to avoid unnecessary costs and discomfort down the line.
Less Than Perfect Hygiene
Anything involving needles requires perfect hygiene, since contaminated equipment can transmit bloodborne diseases like hepatitis B and C. You should also ensure the shop keeps its furniture sanitized so you don’t leave with COVID, the flu, or an infection.
Home-Based Shops
Home-based tattoo shops are less likely to have all of the sterilization equipment needed to keep clients safe. On top of that, homes can be filled with bacteria, pet dander, mold, and other undesirable stuff you don’t want near your tattoo.
A Lacking Portfolio
Always review the portfolio of any tattoo artist you’re considering to make sure their technique, personal style, and skill level match your vision. Also, don’t hesitate to inquire how long the artist has been in the field, and where they were trained.
Steep Discounts
Any tattoo parlor that is dramatically less expensive than others is potentially cutting some very important corners, rushing through sessions, or both, so be wary. You should also double-check that the artist and shop are licensed to operate.