Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Bras
Not Getting Fitted Regularly
Regular bra fittings are crucial to determining your correct bra size and avoiding neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or any other discomfort. It is recommended that you get fitted every six months at a department store or lingerie shop to check if your size has changed.
Wearing The Same Bra
While it’s okay to have a trusty bra to swear by, changing your bra for a nice night out, to match your mood, or even to lounge can help boost your confidence. Investing in the right bra for the right occasion can provide comfort, eliminate soreness, or compliment an outfit.
Keeping Old Bras
Since your body constantly evolves with age, a bra that fit you right two years ago might feel uncomfortable now. Some signs it’s time to toss your bra include cups that are too stretched or too small, having to constantly adjust the straps, worn fabric, or underwire that keeps poking you.
Not Checking Brand Sizes
When shopping for bras, it’s important to know that each brand has its own unique sizing. Start with trying on your known size, and if the bra feels uncomfortable, go one size up or down. You can also opt for a sister bra size by rounding up one cup size and down one band size.
Opting For Less Support
Proper support and coverage are top priorities when it comes to avoiding back or neck pain. A well-fitted bra should have a comfortable underwire that rests flat under your breasts without any pinching, cups that are filled out, and a band that sits right above your rib cage.