Double-Winged Eyeliner Is Trending. Here's How
To Pull It Off
White Cut-Crease Eyeliner
A great way to explore a different eyeliner look without using vibrant colors is to opt for white, as it is actually more forgiving than black liner, which makes drawing the cut crease much easier. Both liquid and pencil eyeliner work well for this look.
Rounded Eyeliner
Creating a round edge is much easier than drawing a classic wing. Consider using your pen eyeliner to round out the ends and take it up toward your crease, and if you’re feeling extra funky, add another line from your inner corner to the end of your eyebrow.
Eyeshadow Wing
To achieve this look, make a classic dramatic wing that also reaches the inner corner of your eye, then create a parallel line above it with dark eyeshadow. Make sure the shadow line is more blended toward your brow and a bit sharper towards the actual liner.
Purple Crease Eyeliner
Eyeliner can also accentuate the inner part of your eyes; one way to do this is to draw two lines above your crease, but don’t come too close to the end of your eye. You can use black liner, but using a bold color will instantly make the look even more interesting.
Minimalist Golden Wing
Golden eyeliner is an easy way to add drama and sparkle to your look, and is so lovely on its own that you can forgo mascara entirely. To create a bit more dimension, take the golden eyeliner into a wing and then bring it back towards your crease.