Young woman wiping face with cotton pad, close up
Dry Brushing Your Face Is A Beauty Routine Game-Changer
Dry skin brushing, also known as Garshana, is where the skin is massaged with a dry brush in order to increase circulation, exfoliate, and help the skin become invigorated, among many other health benefits. We typically stop short of the face and shift to our daily skincare routine, but taking the extra time to dry brush the face can be a game changer.
It works by brushing dry, clean skin with a gentle brush, mitt, or dry brushing cloth from the neckline up—skipping the delicate skin around the eye area—for three minutes before adding any other skincare products. If you have sensitive skin, rashes, eczema, wounds, psoriasis, sunburns, skin irritations, or dry skin, skip dry brushing altogether.
Adding dry brushing to your routine exfoliates the skin allowing serums and creams to get deeper into the skin layer and revealing smoother and softer skin, as well as increasing circulation through the circular brushing motions. Nonetheless, because the benefits are temporary, it's important to make this a regular step in your routine.