Woman works from home in a sweatshirt and socks
Each Zodiac Sign's Response To Working From Home
Aries may not respond well to working from home, initially, because they are born leaders. They like a busy office compared to a quiet living space and they’ll need to adapt their home workspace to meet their needs.
A Taurus will take longer to adjust to working from home because it’s a change in routine. Eventually, they will like it because of the comfort working from home provides, but they need to set schedules that prioritizes work over breaks.
Gemini will feel out of place working from home because they live to communicate with others. If they want to keep that up, they can always try video chatting with colleagues to help them maintain a semblance of normalcy.
As the sign most prone to hermit-like behavior, Cancer will likely have no problem working from home. However, they need to be careful because they can get so comfortable they might get caught up in other things around them instead of work.
Full of life and fire, Leo needs a spotlight, which may be hard to come by at home. If they want to thrive while working from home, they’ll need to stay connected to their coworkers and find a way to make new connections online.