woman with messy bun
Easy Bun Hairstyles For Every Length Of Hair
Curly Bun - Long Hair
If you have curly, long hair, wet it and apply some mousse before you twist the hair until it doubles back onto itself, coil it up, and fasten it with a scrunchie or hair pins.
Slick Bun - Medium/Long Hair
Part your hair to one side and sweep it into a low, segmented ponytail, then wind each of these portions of hair into individual buns while keeping them close enough to look unified.
Low Bun - Medium Hair
This slightly messy bun is easy, charming, and glamorous. Prime your hair with a thickening hairspray, and follow up with a finishing hairspray once the bun is in place.
Messy Bun - Long Hair
All you need for this style is a flat iron and a small barrel curling iron. A messy bun is ideal for people with long hair, but those with shorter hair can make it work, too.
Top Knot - Short/Medium Hair
Apply mousse and volumizing spray to your hair, then brush it up section by section. Then, separate the hair into two sections and twist them around to form the top knot.