Top view of a young woman with a ballerina style inspired bun on top of her head
Embrace Balletcore With A Sleek Ballerina Bun
Wear A Ballet-Inspired Outfit
If you enjoy the balletcore aesthetic, try a bun with a ballet-inspired outfit. Wear a pink skirt, ballerina flats, or both, between the sleek bun and the girly outfit, you'll look sweet and stylish.
Look Sleek With Sunglasses
Typical ballerina buns are already sleek and stylish but are even more in vogue with your favorite pair of sunglasses. Shades exude effortless cool-girl energy, so a pair of black sunglasses will add an edgy touch to your ballerina-inspired bun.
Add A Headband
If you want to add more personality to your ballerina bun, a headband ties your entire outfit together, making your trendy ballerina bun even more unique. Whether you wear a thin, delicate one or a bold, sparkly option for "Gossip Girl" vibes, a headband is sure to elevate your bun to new heights.
Try A Messy Ballerina Bun
Only professional ballerinas need a perfectly neat bun, so rock a cute and messy ballerina-inspired bun for an undone everyday look. It doesn't matter if the bun isn't symmetrical or if a few strands are sticking out, as these quirky details will appear fun and playful.
Go Big And Bold
For a special occasion, turn heads with volume and a more dramatic look. The longer your hair, the more you'll have to work with when creating your big bun and if you have short hair, consider adding extensions for a more voluminous bun.