Hand with pumpkin-inspired nail polish
Enter The Fall With Pumpkin Nail Art
Create pumpkin-inspired nail art with Jack-o'-lantern faces for a unique and attention-grabbing fall manicure. Whether they’re funny or scary faces are up to you.
Orange Shades
Try painting your nails light orange and a more shimmery pumpkin-inspired hue as an accent on the ring finger, or go for an ombré effect.
French Manicure
If you want this playful look, add pumpkin nail art at the tips so that it looks like there’s a little pumpkin on the end of your nails.
Instead of going for wholesome all-orange looks, add black details for more intense vibes, and consider designs like bats, witches, spiders, and ghosts.
Add a shimmer top coat to your pumpkin-themed manicure to add a dazzling touch, or paint the pumpkin nail art on orange glitter for even bolder glam.
Accent Nail
For a subtle yet stylish fall look, highlight one nail with a pumpkin design. By painting only one pumpkin, your manicure will not feel overwhelming.
Patterned Pumpkins
Add patterns to your pumpkin nails, like plaid or polka-dots, for an ultra-unique manicure that’s sure to make an unforgettable impression.