Woman cutting hair with scissors, close-up
Enter The Medium Wolf Cut, Gen Z's New Fav Hairstyle
Keep The Length
If you want to try out the wolf cut but don’t prefer going too short length-wise, the medium wolf cut with long and face-framing bangs will do the trick for you. The shaggy layers accompanying the hairstyle look great on any face shape while the wispy ends give the crown some volume.
Style Naturally
The best thing about the medium wolf cut is that it doesn't require too much styling. Just work in some texturizing spray and allow the hair to air dry after shampooing, to let the gradual layers shine through — you can also add a smoothing serum and spritz with a leave-in conditioner if you’re prone to frizz.
Shorter Wolf Cut
If you have fine hair and want to avoid losing volume, keep your wolf cut no longer than past the shoulders — the layers should start at your bangs and gradually fall. For extra volume, add a dollop of mousse and blow dry your hair upside-down before finishing with a blast of cold air to set the style.
Try Baby Bangs
If you have an oval face, you can play with the length of your bangs and try incorporating baby bangs with choppy ends to give the wolf cut a '70s-style rock 'n' roll vibe. However, be careful not to go too short with the bangs, or your cut will end up looking like a mullet, which is definitely not in trend.
Naturally Wavy
The wolf cut works best with naturally wavy hair as the layers can map out the hair's organic twists and turns while the waves provide extra volume at the crown. To style this cut, prep towel-dried hair with styling cream and blow-dry with a diffuser as you use your fingers to gently tousle your hair.