Artwork of the solar system, showing the paths of the eight major planets as they orbit the Sun.
Eris: The Astrological Impacts Of The Planet
Eris is a significant part of our astrological makeup and can provide key insights as to who we are. Consult your astrological chart to discover which sign rules your Eris, as this dwarf planet can impact several different aspects of our lives.
Eris is known to provoke one’s rebellious nature, particularly in Aquarius and Aries. Someone with Eris in Aquarius is more likely to take the road less traveled, while someone with Eris in Aries might demonstrate rebellion by acting as a driving force to bring justice to those oppressed.
Eris impacts the way we express ourselves, whether it’s through music, art, writing, or something else. For example, if Eris is in Virgo, you may express yourself through writing, since Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is associated with communication and messages.
Eris also determines how you deal with conflict because this dwarf planet is the sister to Mars. In astrology, Mars is ruled by the god of war, so it's no surprise people with their Eris placement in fire signs are typically more aggressive when faced with conflict.
Accept Changes
This dwarf planet helps you accept major changes in your life like moving homes or getting over a long-term relationship. Eris exists to give us the energy we need to conquer our fears of the unknown, no matter what sign it lies within.