Close up of woman applying sunscreen to her cheek
Essential Tips To Bring Your Skincare Into Spring
Excess Oils
Our sweat glands work to ensure our body temperature is right, but when it’s hot, we will see an increase in dead skin. The dead skin cells can get caught on your skin’s surface, which will block pores and produce oil, so it’s essential to exfoliate.
Nourish The Skin
During the warmer months, heavy cleansers and moisturizers can clog pores and prevent us from achieving the warm weather glow we’re looking for. Don’t skip this step altogether, but try to use products that are summer-friendly.
Appropriate SPF
You probably don’t bother to apply sunscreen all year, but it’s something you’ll want to do in the warmer months. According to an article written by Dr. Anna Lien-Lun Chien, M.D., makeup with SPF is not enough protection and recommends sunscreen with SPF 60 or higher.