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Everyday Habits That Could Be Making You Smell Bad
Not Using A Bidet
When it comes to staying clean after using the bathroom, toilet paper just doesn’t get the job done as well as bidets. Bidets shoot a clean stream of water between your legs, essentially cleaning you from your front side to your backside, and can be installed to any toilet for less than $25.
Not Using Chlorophyll
Per a TikTok trend, drinking water with chlorophyll every morning acts as an internal deodorant for your entire body after you regularly consume it for a couple of weeks. While the science supporting the theory is lacking, adding liquid chlorophyll to your routine is harmless.
Showering In The Morning
While many believe that showering in the morning is the right thing to do, a thoroughly cleansing shower before bed is better for a rejuvenating and recuperative sleep. Showering at night allows you to scrub off the sweat and germs accumulated from the day and go to bed clean.
Skipping Deodorant
As obvious as it might sound, you shouldn’t be skipping deodorant in the morning. With a wide variety of mainstream and natural deodorant brands to choose from — as well as alternatives, like witch hazel, lemon juice, and more — you can easily find a deodorant that suits you.
Keto Dieting
When you’re on a keto diet, your body releases ketones to keep you energized and alive; however, ketones are also known to smell terrible. Some ways to combat bad breath while keto dieting are drinking more water, eating more leafy green veggies, and chewing sugar-free gum.