Everything You Need To Know About Dating
A Taurus
Romance & Affection
Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, attraction, passion, and love, making Taurus the most sensual and romantic. Affection is crucial to a Taurus, but they have difficulty expressing their emotions, so they rely on physical touch and gift-giving to express their love.
Taureans are notorious for their stubbornness, and it’s evident during a conflict because they hate giving in to other people’s demands. Their stubbornness keeps them from changing their perspective; however, their stubbornness also makes them determined and persistent.
Taurus Values
Taurus finds comfort and stability in a routine, but Chris Brennan from The Astrology Podcast says this “causes them not to venture outside of their own comfort zone because they just get so much pleasure in enjoying the things that are familiar to them.” Those who enjoy adventure may be bored and feel stuck in a Taurean's routine.
Fall In Love
Taurus is looking for the real thing, so they are not one to throw around the word “love” if they don’t mean it. They rely on physical contact to communicate how much they care, and astrologer Kyla Derkach says, “They're slow to commit, but once they do, they're yours for life.”
Dating Life
Taurus is cautious about giving their heart away because they don’t want to be rejected, so they will not express what bothers them to avoid conflict. However, once they feel more comfortable, they will woo you with glamorous restaurants, concerts, and fancy art galleries.