A lock of hair formed into a heart tied with a purple ribbon to symbolize hair donation for a cancer charity
Everything You Need To Know About Donating Your Hair
Who Can Donate?
Anybody can donate, but each charity has specific length and texture requirements, in addition to various restrictions on hair that’s undergone heat, chemical, or color treatments.
Why Is It Needed?
Donated hair is turned into wigs for those with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, burns, and other medical conditions.
Finding The Right Charity
You can ensure you’re picking the right charity by researching their policies and who the donation will benefit. It's also recommended to contact the charity with any questions.
You Must Have Long Hair
For most charities, the minimum hair length is 8 inches because each strand is significantly shortened during the wig-making process. Therefore, extra-long hair is in demand.
The Healthier, The Better
Charities want hair that is of excellent quality, and many prefer hair without prior exposure to chemicals. Split ends must also be cut off before the hair is donated.