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Everything You Need To
Know About Fire Signs
They Are Passionate
For fire signs, inner passion — be it from love or rage — spreads and grows as rapidly as a burning fire. Fire signs have enough passion that they don’t mind being the ones to initiate romantic encounters, so when they’re interested in someone, they’re happy to make the first move of a passionate love affair.
They Are Competitive
Fire signs are extremely competitive, and tend to be the types of people who hate losing at casual games and will go above and beyond to ensure their triumphs. As long as fire signs have a safe space to let off some steam, their competitive character traits shouldn’t become much of an issue.
They Are Creative
Since fire signs are driven by passion and intensity, being creative comes naturally to them, and they often depend on art forms like painting, dancing, and writing to express that creativity. According to Yoga Journal, fire signs love being the center of attention, so they’re not afraid to put their creative talents center stage.
They Are Spontaneous
If the person you’re spending time with seems to enjoy changing plans at the last minute and is always willing to try new things, it’s likely you have a fire sign on your hands. Per, fire signs lead invigorating lives filled with tons of the inner courage needed to take leaps and try new things at unexpected moments.
Don't Mesh With Water Signs
Since water drowns out fire, it’s fairly common for fire signs to butt heads with water signs in romantic situations or social settings. AstroStyle describes water signs as being overly emotional and extra sensitive, and since fire signs aren’t always the most gentle, this can lead to a lot of problems.