Moonrise over Pacific Ocean at night.
Everything You Need To Know About Moon Water
The moon cycle greatly impacts our lives, as a full moon allows us to free ourselves of what holds us back, while a new moon brings promises of new beginnings. Some ways to bask in the moon’s power are to meditate, use the full and new moon’s energy to set intuitions and manifest what you want in life, and even harness the moon’s energy through water.
Astrological author and poet Lisa Marie Basile says, “Moon water is a magical water programmed by the moon's gorgeous energy — usually under the full moon, sometimes the new moon.” She adds, “It collects the moon's radiant light and its phase properties, and it can amplify your magical workings or intentions.”
To make moon water, all you need is to fill a container with water, place it somewhere the moonlight can directly hit it, then set your intentions and speak what you’d like to manifest into reality. You can add a healing crystal on top and leave it overnight, so once it’s completed you can use it in a ritual bath, take sips to rejuvenate your body, or simply water plants with it.