Picture of a woman from behind, her hair is in an updo and she has a blunging dress on revealing the nape of her neck
Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Nape Piercing
Nape Piercing
A nape piercing is a piercing on the back of the neck, just below the hairline, and is commonly created with a surface bar that has an entry and exit point. The piercing can be worn horizontally or vertically, and it might be appealing because it is easily hidden by clothes or hair.
How They’re Done
The process and preparation of nape piercings aren’t too dissimilar to belly piercings. The area is prepped with a surgical scrub or soap and marked with the placement, then the jewelry will enter one hole and exit through another.
Safety Risks
Since the piercing is placed on the back of the neck, there is a higher chance of infection. Also, if the piercing is done incorrectly, there could be damage to the surrounding tissue and nerves and infection in other areas of the body.
Pain & Drawbacks
How painful the piercing depends on a person’s pain tolerance, and professionals cannot agree on how much pain a person will experience. The healing time is also a factor because it can take six to nine months.
The price varies depending on the piercer and studio you choose, but expect to pay a minimum of $50. While you may be tempted to spend less, think of quality when it comes to a nape piercing because if it’s done wrong, there is a higher chance of rejection.