Young woman during professional eyebrow mapping procedure before permanent make-up
Eyebrow Mapping: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?
Like An Eyebrow Blueprint
Eyebrow mapping is a technique to lay out your ideal brow structure by building the framework that best suits your features. This technique uses the golden ratio rule — which is also used in design, architecture, and fine arts — that represents the ideal visual harmony and balance to achieve the “perfect brows.”
The Basics
To give it a try, use a marking instrument — a white eyeliner pencil is great — and a straight edge tool. First mark a line at the corner of your nostril and line it straight up past the inner corner of your eye, then start at the same point and align it diagonally across the outer edge of your iris, then make a third line out past the edge of your eye.
Filling In Your Brow
Take your brow pencil and lightly connect the places you’ve marked, outlining first along the top, then outlining the same shape along the bottom. Determine how thick and full you'd like your brows to appear and make the vision a reality with your brow pencil or powder.