Close-up make-up with black eyeliner
Eyeliner Stamp: The Easiest Way To Embrace Graphic Liner Without Steady Hands
Eyeliner is a beloved makeup product, but it’s also notorious for being tricky to apply. For those of us who lack the natural ability to pull off intricate eyeliner looks, thankfully, beauty companies have introduced eyeliner stamps as the newest tip to step up your eyeliner looks without having to strain to acquire straight and clean lines.
An eyeliner stamp consists of a stamp, which has a pre-shaped, winged tip, and liquid eyeliner which is used to fill in the gaps and connect the winged tip to the rest of the eyeliner. To use an eyeliner stamp, simply dip the winged tip into the liquid eyeliner and then press it onto the outer corner of your eye, then use the liquid eyeliner to fill in the gaps.
The stamp can save time and effort, especially for those who struggle to create a winged eyeliner look freehand; however, it may take some practice to get the hang of using the tool and achieving the desired look. It’s important to have a steady hand and good lighting, and it may help to rest your elbow on a surface to prevent shaky lines.