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Facial Sheet Masks Serve Double
Duty As Body Moisturizers If You Use Them Right
Although there's nothing worse than a dry facial sheet mask, many of them come with far more product than you can possibly use on your face. But fear not, sheet mask fans: That leftover fluid can double as the perfect body moisturizer to soothe your dry skin.
Optimize your mask usage by choosing masks with ingredients that target your concerns and then simply smooth the excess serum from the package on those areas of your body. If you're unsure how your skin will react to sheet masks, look for unscented masks containing sensitive skin ingredients.
After applying the serum from your sheet mask, try body slugging, which involves adding a moisturizer that can lock in moisture to alleviate dry skin and enhance hydration. However, while this can provide you with softer, smoother skin, it’s best to include this extra step sparingly to avoid clogged pores.